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Collection: Herbs & Things

Herbs are highly powerful and can assist with a multitude of things including anxiety, protection, attraction, lucid dreaming, self love, abundance and more. Our herb combinations are all safe to consume as a tea and an herbal smoke blend. The herbal blends may also be used as spiritual baths, floor washes, facial steams (to remove mucus), to sprinkle on food, in mojo/prayer bags, to dress candles and burn as incense.

All herbs come in a reusable, washable tea bag. Each tea bag contains a minimum of 5 uses. The herbs may be boiled 3-5 times. For best results take at least 3 days in a row.

Spiritual bath instructions:

  1. Meditate over herbs & set your intentions
  2. Clean bathroom thoroughly ( A spiritual bath will not be effective in a messy bathroom)
  3. Take a shower ( A spiritual bath is meant to cleanse your aura, not your physical body)
  4. Boil 1 teaspoon of herbs in 6-8 cups of water or sprinkle herbs directly into bathwater
  5. Pour boiled water/tea mixture into a bathtub 
  6. Add 1 Oz/ 2 tablespoons of bath salt (included in spiritual bath kit) along with hot/warm water & stir with your hand to help the bath salts dissolve
  7. Optional: Add Florida water, flowers, milk, honey, fruits, essential oils etc.
  8. Surround your bathtub with all four elements Air (feather, bells, incense), Earth (crystals, rocks, coins), Fire (candles, incense, ashes), and water (the water in the bathtub, cup, yoni, ankh)
  9. Listen to relaxing music. I recommend music without words (432 hertz/sound bowls)
  10. Submerge your entire body in the water (including your head). Your entire body does not have to be submerged for the entire bath
  11. While in the bath imagine what you want while rubbing your body. Rub in an upwards motion if your trying to bring something to you. Rub in a downwards motion to cast away
  12. Stay in the bath for at least 20 mins
  13. When your bath is complete air dry if possible, otherwise use an all white towel to try off